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  • Multi-faceted carpet cleaning procedures including dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing.
  • Get carpets cleaned like a NEWLY bought item. 
  • Allergens and bacteria removed within a DAY!!!
  • The cleaning process is tailored to carpet materials.
  • Antiviral and antibacterial sanitization services to combat bacteria spread through dirty rugs and carpets.


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Carpet stains are common. No matter how efficiently you handle your

Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

rugs and carpets, spillages occur quite often. With ignorance, these stains coupled with dust and dirt will settle on the carpets arranging a feast for the germs. Therefore, carpet cleaning is a part of living healthily without having diseases knocking on your door every alternate day. People have a notion that a regular vacuum keeps your carpet dirt-free. However, a well-vacuumed carpet never provides 100% germ-free protection. It requires professional standard cleaning to eliminate the allergens, harmful dust mites, stubborn spills, stains, and restore the look of the carpet to its original condition.

OZYWideCleaning, your carpet, rug & house cleaning in Sydney service provider, is a professional carpet cleaning company providing services to both domestic and commercial properties. With our multifaceted cleaning methods, we ensure providing you a tailor-made solution that enhances your carpet’s longevity and restores its pristine condition. Every time you book us, we leave you with a brand new looking carpet at your home or your office.

OZYWideCleaning Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Procedures

With upgraded modern technology and environmentally friendly cleaning products, OZYWideCleaning, your carpet cleaning Sydney provider always conducts a safe and fast cleaning process. Our cleaning solutions consist of steam cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, and carpet fabric protection to extend its life. Depending on your carpet’s fabric and types of stains, we use any of the following methods,

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

If we talk about the effective way to clean a carpet, that would be steam cleaning. It can clean stubborn stains and make the dirtiest carpet look absolutely NEW. We use a soft brush to clean off the dirt to loosen it up. And the heat destroys the allergens and bacteria that lurk on the carpet. During the steam cleaning process, the machine helps to extract almost all the moisture from the carpet, helping it to dry faster. However, it may require some additional time to get the carpet completely dry.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is also an effective process to clean the dirt and dust from the carpet. During this process, our carpet cleaning experts fill the shampoo solution in the cleaning machine. We only use industry-standard carpet cleaning machines, the sharp and smooth brush rinses the dirt particles strongly from the carpet. It also leaves your carpet with a beautiful scent while eliminating the previous odor.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry Cleaning Method

If you have a shaggy rug, it requires a dry cleaning method for effective cleaning. OZYWideCleaning, carpet cleaning Sydney dry cleaning method first starts with vacuuming the carpet using a professional standard vacuum. In the next phase, our professionals will spread a dry powder all over the surface. This powder actually helps to suck all the dirt and bacterias. Then we use an industry-grade power vacuum to eliminate all the powders attached with dirt.

Fabric Protection Technique

Fabric Protection Technique

We recommend users to yield the benefits of a fabric protection technique. This technique is to ensure the longevity of your carpet. Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, our experts apply a fabric protector spray that prevents the stains to settle down on your carpet. So, you will never have a hard time removing a stubborn stain again. You can easily blot any spillages and restrain hard stains.

Why Choose OZYWideCleaning As Your Carpet Cleaning Sydney Service Provider?

At OZYWideCleaning, our cleaners are professionally trained and qualified. This means we understand all your concerns and requirements. Therefore, our services are tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. We boast our quality services on the basis of these following:

  • The tailor-made cleaning process that suits your carpet cleaning needs. 
  • We use natural detergents benefitting your family and pet.
  • Professional cleaners with a friendly approach.
  • Affordable one-stop carpet cleaning solutions under one shed. 
  • Industry-standard equipment that successfully and effectively removes bacteria.
Why Choose OZYWideCleaning As Your Carpet Cleaning Sydney Service Provider

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do You Provide Same-day Carpet Cleaning Services?

Definitely. Our expert cleaners can offer same-day cleaning depending upon the urgency of our customers. We also have sanitization services that help to ward off the germs and bacterias right after cleaning the carpet. This is also available on the same day.

  • Why Should I Hire Professional carpet cleaning Sydney services rather than home cleaning solutions?

Homemade carpet cleaning solutions too requires expert guidance as it involves the mix and match of the chemicals. Any slip-ups can damage the material of the carpet. Having a professional-grade solution provider by your side can keep you off from these worries.

  • How often Should I Book Professional Cleaning Services?

It depends on the frequency of use of your carpets. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to get your carpet cleaned four a year. But, if you’re using your carpet for 24 hours, then professional cleaning eight times a year will be a great solution.

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