Carpet Cleaning


If you’re looking for the ultimate carpet clean, you can rely on us to get the job done! Our steam carpet cleaning services are second to none and provide for a superior clean!

Our carpet cleaning services include:


  • Pre-clean inspection – We will have a thorough look at the carpets to work out the best technique to remove dirt and stains;
  • Pre-vacuum – removal of particles on the carpets is critical for good clean and to identify and remove the carpet stains and dirt later on. We will also prep before the clean by giving the carpets a good vacuum
  • Carpet Spray – we deploy high cleaning products and sprays to ensure a thorough carpet clean. The products will be rinsed with water to ensure a good break down of the stains and dirt on the carpet. In the process we will also address and treat strong stains and remove odours
  • Carpet steam cleaning – We will ultimately deploy our high quality steam cleaning machines which will rinse the carpet with water to produce a carpet which is as good as new!
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